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tv   NBC 10 News at 6pm  NBC  March 2, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm EST

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we begin tonight with breaking news. this is out of montgomery county. sky force 10 right now live over this three-alarm raging fire. this is at a sheet metal plant in upper moreland. now, the name of the business trico metal products. they make sheet metal here. we understand they have been in business for some 50 years. as i said the fire right now at three alarms. there are some reports of an explosion. i think those were the first reports that came in that brought crews to the scene there. no injuries at this point. >> sky force 10's dan kent has been watching this fire grow from the air. dan, tell us what you're seeing from your vantage point? >> reporter: well it definitely has intensified ever since we got on scene about 30 minutes ago. you see the heavy flames and thick black smoke coming from the roof area. it appears as i zoom in that the roof is almost nonexistent
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anymore. it has all burned out. and there are no blocks fire crews that have positioned themselves to assist in this firefight here. as you can see as i pull out, the traffic on the turnpike has slowed down both directions but there are no lanes that are closed at this point. >> dan, where is this along the turnpike? i know we've been saying it's on the pennsylvania turnpike but around what exit? what area are we talking? >> reporter: i'm going to widen up and look up a little farther where we can see this sign here and i'll pick out which exit it is. it's just before the doylestown 611 broad street exit. >> yeah we see the traffic slowing down. obviously people taking a look at this fire. thick, black smoke rising into the air. look at those flames engulfing the entire roof of this sheet metal plaktnt. this is at the trico metal
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plant. they have been in business for 50 years, according to information we have obtained from their website. firefighters trying to douse this but the flames are obviously out of control at this point. confined though to this one plant it does appear. >> and no reports right now of any injuries. the additional reportinitial report that came in was an explosion at the scene. dan, in the 30 minutes plus that you've been there, you've only seen this fire grow in strength. >> reporter: absolutely. when we approached there were only small flames coming out of the side windows. as we were monitoring the situation, the whole room has become engulfed in flames and is almost like i said nonexistent, as it has burned out. >> dan, keep an eye on this for us. we'll continue to monitor an bring everybody updates as we watch this fire and as we watch firefighters try to get this under control in upper moreland, montgomery county.
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well we had a lot of active weather yesterday, a lot of ice, it's still around. melted during the day today. we've got an issue for tomorrow as well. w: first alert out for what's going to happen tomorrow. we also have refreezing tonight. whatever melted today is going to freeze tonight. we have more ice coming tomorrow that is going to impact the evening rush. right at this time tomorrow there's going to be an issue with icing. now, as far as the wind is concerned related to the fire">ñk it's blowing out of the west/northwest and the speeds have really dropped down just in the last hour. only about 8 to 10 miles an hour compared to 20-mile-an-hour sustained winds just an hour or so ago. freezing and are going to continue to go down once the sun sets very soon. and the temperature goes below the freezing mark by 7:00 8:00
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stays there below freezing all night. we're going down into the teens with the ice forming. we're going to see ice falling from the sky, we're going to have snow in the seven-day as well. that's coming up in a few minutes. >> thank you, glenn. well you know whether it's rain, sleet or snow, you can always stay on top of the latest weather alerts by downloading the nbc 10 news app. it has hour-by-hour forecast as well as updates from our team of meteorologists. also tonight police are calling it one of the largest invasion of privacy cases they have ever seen. women and girls being secretly videotaped in dressing rooms at the king of prussia mall. >> police say the man behind this has been at it for years and his exploits stretch from montgomery county all the way to the jersey shore. rosemary connors joins us with more details. >> rosemary how did police finally catch this guy? >> reporter: jim and renee, radnor police say it all started
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when they got a phone call from two university of villanova students who reported that they were being filmed while they were undressing inside of their apartment in bryn mawr. somebody was outside with a cell phone. from there, detectives found that video online and then got the suspect's ip address. they picked up the suspect just this morning here at his home. >> my main concern right now is to get a predator like mr. moses off the street and hopefully speaking to the d.a. putting him on the megan's law website until the day he dies. >> is there anything you want to say about the allegations against you? >> reporter: 37-year-old sean moses kept his head down as investigators transported him to his arraignment this afternoon. according to radnor police the suspect filmed these videos of underage girls undressing in stores like forever 21 and express in the king of prussia mall. while police have removed these videos from the pornographic site where they say moses first uploaded them fans of the films are now trying to repost them.
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>> my number two priority is if anybody else is doing this stuff, this sends a clear, loud message this is what your future looks like. >> reporter: detectives say their investigation turned up more videos of moses filming unsuspecting sex partners and young girls in bathing suits down the shore in ocean city. while he is not charged with invasion of privacy for this video because it's in public investigators say it shows his peeping tom tendencies. police call it beyond disturbing. they say especially because moses has a 6-year-old daughter who lives with him and his+4 o that level where your daughter was going to show up on any of these videos. >> reporter: this afternoon as we've been here in the suspect's neighborhood i spoke to the woman who lives next door. she did not want to speak on camera, but told me that the couple, the suspect and his girlfriend and daughter they moved in recently been the past few months. she called them good neighbors and told us what we already know about the suspect, that he has worked as an i.t. specialist.
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reporting live i'm rosemary connors, nbc 10 news. a task force led by philadelphia police commissioner charles ramsey is calling for big changes at police departments around the country tonight. they presented their findings to the white house today. the goal build more trust between officers and minority communities. the task force made 63 recommendations, among them having independent investigations when police use deadly force, better record-keeping of police-involved shootings and more police training to reduce bias. nbc 10's tim furlong joins us live in newcastle county. tim, you spoke with police officers there. how are they responding to those recommendations? >> reporter: they think some of them are great. the key words in the report transparency and accountability. you see those words a lot. the panel says the more open police departments are, the more likely their communities will trust them. i've been reading through this report all afternoon. i went to local police chiefs to ask will these ideas ever really make it to their streets.
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after the events in ferguson president obama thought charles ramsey was the guy to improve police relationships around the country. i went to d.c. for one of his fact-finding panels. >> this morning they presented to me their report. >> reporter: today president obama got a look at the report we all did. the report hits on a number of themes building trust with the community, being neutral and transparent, treating citizens with respect and encouraging police departments to become more diverse. it calls for police to embrace a guardian mentality. >> trust me, there's a lot of good people out there. >> reporter: he tells me positive daily, non-crime interactions work. he preaches this to his officers. >> when they get in that police car, i expect them to go out, be fair but firm and try to help the public. your job is to make someone's life better. >> reporter: but the chief says police everywhere are so busy responding to calls, they have very little time for the
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positive stuff. departments also don't have the money. he tells me another thing police need is something you can't buy and it takes a long time to earn. >> it takes two. you know you've got to have the buy-in on the other side. if you don't have the buy-in from the community and the buy-in from the kids that you're trying to help they want to be thugs instead of better citizens, there's the line. >> reporter: i'll tell you, this report is really interesting, you might want to look at it yourself. some chiefs tell me they're optimistic they can apply some of these great ideas. the report also mentions body cameras. most chiefs tell me they think they're great ideas but there are a lot of unanswered questions about privacy, data storage, evidence storage and things like that. the question on every single one of these recommendations in the report who's going to pay for them. that's still to be determined. we're live in wilmington tonight, tim furlong, nbc 10 news. the white house will now review the task force report and decide how to move forward. we've posted all of the recommendations on the nbc 10
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app including local police and why they don't like the idea of body cameras. we're going back to our top story, the breaking news out of montgomery county where this fire is still intensely burning. this is at a business in the upper moreland willow grove area. it's a sheet metal plant called trico sheet metal. it's on the 2300 block of wyandotte road near the pennsylvania turnpike. it started here at around 5:22 this evening. you still see the black smoke pouring from this building. we understand it is a sheet metal fabricator plant, not quite sure what that means, but whatever it means, whatever is inside of there, it's highly combustible because it has been burning now for almost an hour. you see the flames just shooting out of the top of the roof. it's all but gone actually the top of the roof on that plant. >> the company actually provides materials for the type of clients they have for the
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manufacture of electronic control systems, medical transportation, food dispensing equipment. we were able to reach out to the president of that company's son, who obviously is very concerned. he said his father's business is burning down that's his first priority right now, so we couldn't get much more information than that out of the president's son, and the flames still very very intense here. as you see, firefighters still pouring water onto what's left of this building here. >> the fire has been at three alarms for some time. you have crews from the surrounding areas throughout montgomery county responding to the fire. it started as an explosion. we don't have any reports of injuries. we certainly at this point don't know what caused this fire. dan kent in sky force 10 has been above the scene here. he pulled out a little while ago and showed us the traffic, the backup along the pennsylvania turnpike. again, this is on wyandotte road near the pennsylvania turnpike. if you have family members coming home from this area tonight, you can rest assured there's going to be a bit of a delay. we will stay on top of this
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story and bring you more information coming up in just a few minutes on nbc 10.
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we continue to watch breaking news from sky force 10. this is a sheet metal plant that has been on fire now for at least the last half hour or so.
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it is the trico metal products in the 2300 block of wyandotte road in upper moreland willow grove area of montgomery county. these flames still very very intense. the good news here no reports of any injuries and it does look like the fire is contained to this one business. >> of course when you're covering a fire like this weather certainly plays a part in particular the wind. i know our first alert team of meteorologists have been watching the winds over the past hour. why don't we check in now with chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz to bring us up to date. glenn, what have you seen with the winds in terms of how that fire is moving? >> well renee, you can see that smoke and it's blowing in one particular direction. it's blowing pretty much from west to east. depending on where the chopper is it will be blowing from right to left or left to right, but this is the direction of the wind. the latest speed at philadelphia international, 16 miles an hour. northeast philly at 10 miles an hour. pottstown at 8. these winds are much much lower
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than they were just an hour or so ago. again, blowing that same direction. now, you can also sometimes see smoke on radar. this is a live radar. the sky is absolutely clear, so the only thing that's going to show up is the smoke from the fire out in this particular direction. you can see some of that moving in the general direction of bryn athyn. it continues to move toward the southeast and we'll continue to follow this. of course some of the particles from the smoke do make it down to the ground so in this particular area they'll probably at the very least being able to smell something there. >> thanks glenn. well today we tracked down the woman who will take over as chair for the school reform commission in philadelphia in a surprise move. governor wolf removed bill green as chair and replaced him with fellow commissioner, marjorie
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neff. she was a long-time principal of j.r. masterman, considered the best high school in the state, and she is the first educator to lead the src. i spoke with her by phone today and asked how her previous experiences will impact how she leads. >> each of us on the src, each member brings a different set of skills. as you pointed out, my skills are in the education field. so i hope that i'm going to be able to contribute. >> green says he will challenge the move by the governor in court. now, governor wolf's surprise oustter of green may be just a preview of how he plans to shake things up in harrisburg but so far the governor is being tight-lipped about his proposal. the governor's first budget could call for both higher income and sales tax, the state's two largest money makers. during the campaign he promised to shut the burden to higher earners and cut the property tax. the increase in money is likely
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to benefit the schools. during the campaign wolf promised a billion dollar increase in funding to schools across the state. >> i know that the governor as he said throughout his campaign that he intends to make education a priority and he indicated to me that we're going to see that in his budget address tomorrow. >> in tomorrow's address, we can also expect the governor to tighten the reins on charter schools. the new src chairman was the only one not to approve any charter schools. green approved all five. >> it doesn't really speak to my position on charters. i voted based on what i believed the charter law says in terms of what each applicant must have in order to be successful. >> the governor has revealed few details about his budget plan. we do know he wants a cut in the corporate tax rates. the governor says that will make pennsylvania more attractive to more businesses and he also called for higher taxes on the
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natural gas industry to help increase education funding. counting on nbc 10 for full coverage of the governor's budget address starting tomorrow at 11:30. rosemary connors will be live in harrisburg and we'll also be streaming the governor's remarks on our nbc 10 app. new at 6:00 new jersey governor chris christie finds himself at the centering of a new lawsuit that calls into question how the governor has been paying for security while traveling. an investigator with new jersey watchdog says governor christie is spending 18 times more for state police security than former governor john corzine did. he says he wants to know if christie is using taxpayer money to pay for state police security when he's not on official state business. he said $800,000 worth of charges should be public record. >> we got the records of the nearly $1 million spent so far during his term. well $800,000 of that money is charged to american express
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cards and they will not release the records of how that money was spent. >> we left a message about governor christie's office for comment and we haven't heard back. back to our weather now. this latest snow and ice storm has created more flying ice from cars and trucks. most drivers we talked to today say they have been dodging slabs of ice not only from tractor-trailers but from smaller cars and suvs. insurance experts say if your car is damaged by flying ice, try to get a plate number or description of the vehicle but don't chase them down. give the information you get to their insurance agent and let them go after the person or company. glenn, we'll have more ice forming tonight? >> yeah whatever has melted this afternoon, slush, for example, will be refreezing as temperatures go down into the teens tonight. then we're going to get more ice falling from the sky tomorrow. we've got a very active week going here starting yesterday, and we've got a lot more coming. we've got that refreeze tonight, then we have snow we have ice,
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we have rain we have snow. all in that order and all in the next three days. so, yeah a lot going on. there's the flags blowing, not quite as hard as even an hour ago. remember we were seeing wind gusts over 30. now we have no gusts at all. the wind about 16 miles an hour. the temperature down to 38. we were 40 an hour ago. we're still above freezing in most places. lancaster has dropped to below freezing but it has definitely gone down through the 20s in the next couple of hours and then into the teens later tonight. the general wind flow out of the west but we are seeing much much lower winds. an hour or so ago, everybody was reporting strong wind gusts. now there are only a few even gusting over 15 miles an hour. we're dry at the moment but the next storm system back out to the west, there's plenty of moisture here. the last three storms have formed out west.
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no issue tomorrow morning. tomorrow morning's rush is fine. then in the afternoon we have this band of snow that comes in pretty quickly. it could dump a little bit of snow an inch or so. this is perhaps a little bit heavier in the darker blue. that's right at the afternoon rush. so either you're getting snow or you're getting ice, that's the pink. generally in the form of sleet. that's frozen raindrops that bounce when they hit the ground. so either way, unless you're in southern delaware or extreme south jersey there's going to be some kind of weather issue that's going to have an impact during the afternoon rush. eventually the warmer air is trying to come up and will change that ice over to rain in philadelphia but continues icing north and west. but not all night because the warm air is coming up and everybody is staying in the rain. everybody is raining during the day on monday and then the cold air comes in -- excuse me on wednesday and then wednesday
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night it gets cold again and it changes to snow. and we're talking about accumulating snow across a good bit of the area. this is the computer model, just a generalized area of light snow for this first batch coming in tomorrow. that's not the main snow of the week. that's coming in from the west. that is on thursday. this is a significant accumulation perhaps several inches at least on late wednesday night and into thursday, so that is the target for the next significant snow. remember, we've got some ice before that. for tonight, the i have is going to be the slush that refreezes. not anymore falling from the sky here. 19 for the low in philadelphia 12 to the north and west. during the day tomorrow the afternoon snow changes to sleet and, again, affects the afternoon rush. the seven-day forecast, it's
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warm enough for rain every on wednesday but it's cold enough for snow just about everywhere thursday as temperatures plunge. look at that. look how bitter cold it is on friday, but at least we finally dry out over the weekend. i want to go back to that breaking news in montgomery county. this fire is still growing. if you keep track of these things, montgomery county is now saying this is up to four alarms. this is at a business that's called trico sheet metal products in upper -- in montgomery county in upper moreland. we had understood there were reports of an explosion and now obviously this huge fire. nbc 10 photojournalist jim friedman is live on the turnpike just feet away from the scene. tell us what you see from your vantage point, jim. >> reporter: well jim, i actually moved. i was able to pull over on the turnpike and get some footage of this fire from about 50 feet away. and you're right, it's a big fire. it's sending a large, huge black
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plume of smoke east-southeast over the willow grove area. and traffic quite frankly trying to get to this fire on the ground has been quite a challenge. the turnpike eastbound is running very slowly between welsh road and route 611. when i got off at the 611 interchange, there's just cars everywhere. so if you're expecting anyone to be home at a certain time tonight, it's not going to happen. everyone is running a little bit late. there's detours set up all over the place. there's fire trucks blocks and blocks away pumping water into this scene. what i noticed when i got to the fire was it'sç either a single story or a one and a half story building -- >> jim, jim, we want to get back
6:26 pm
to you. we're going to have to break away, but you get the information you can for us and we'll come back to you. but again jim freeman on the scene there so close to where that fire is in upper moreland, montgomery county. we'll be right back.
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woman: amitiza helped me find relief from my chronic constipation. ask your doctor if amitiza is right for you. sky force 10 still over the scene of this breaking news. this is the trico sheet metal plant on upper moreland 2300 wyandotte road bordering the pennsylvania turnpike around welsh road and 611. the fire at four alarms. just got word from our producer it has not spread but by no means, jim is this under control here. >> and it's right next to the p.a. turnpike. you see the cars going by close to where these flames are. it does look like the structure of this building is helping to contain it to the confines of this sheet metal plant. as you said renee, at this point no reported injuries despite the size of this fire. tap on the nbc 10 app for updates and watch at 11:00 as
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well. >> for all of us here at nbc 10 thanks for joining us. >> the news continues now with nbc nightly news. see you at 11:00. t test t on the broadcast tonight, new video of a deadly confrontation as police shoot a man on the streets of los angeles. what cameras captured and what by standers saw. another fire storm tonight over the use of lethal force. storm of controversy as the israeli prime minister arrives in washington to deliver a warning to america. are we about to make a bad deal with iran? how safe are the homes across so many floors across the country? big fallout after a bombshell report. wild weather. a whiteout at the beach in southern california as another winter blast moves across 30 states. and a survivor. that amazing rescue in midair. we'll hear from the sky diver paralyzed by a seizure while


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